History of the kennel

STASI kennel is privately owned German Shepherd kennel located in Europe, Belarus at the suburb of Minsk city.
The kennel was founded in 1989 and we breed alternative bloodlines of East German Shepherds within more that 30 last years.
The kennel was registered with International Cynological Union at 1996 and got FCI registration #32 at 2003.
Dogs that born in our kennel are well known among DDR shepherds funs around the world since most of them have breederline’s signs of STASI kennel. STASI dogs usually have big bones, blocky heads, excellent pigmented and coated and stable sanguine temperament that is either good as for double purpose police/military dogs as well as reliable family guards.

STASI kennel breeding is based on solid bloodlines of shepherds of East Germany

Photos of our breeding for the last 30 years you can see on the Facebook