FAQ & Selling Policy

Our kennel is located in Europe, Belarus

Yes we ship worldwide. Our dogs currently live in Guadelupa, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Lietuva, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, India, Philipinnes, China, South Africa, Nigeria. More than hundred STASI dogs live in United States and Canada.

According rules of international air companies we can ship puppies after rabies vaccination and keeping 21 days in a kennel. So usually it’s about minimal age of 4 months old.

Yes our producers (sires and dams) are hips/elbows certified as well as successfully passed genetic tests (DM negative N/N).

First of all we do all possible to breed healthy animals that successfully passed certification for hips and elbows dysplasia and genetic tests to avoid specific genetic transmitted problems among shepherd population. We sell puppies and dogs younger 12 months old on the same basis as German SV breeders that means for puppies and young dogs below of 12 months we guarantee correct teeth bite and both testicles down for males. If you will purchase dogs older than 12 months old upon agreement we can provide hips/elbows FCI certification.

After achievement agreement about cost of the puppy (dog) and way of shipping upon request we can provide you invoice for a puppy. If you choose payment with credit or debit VISA/MasterCard you should click the appropriate link and will be redirected for payment on secure server of our acquiring bank. As soon as payment for a puppy will be proceeded we can schedule time frame for shipping. We ship puppies only after full pay down for the puppy. We strongly recommend you achieve agreement about cost and way of shipping with transporter before proceeding final payment for the puppy. We can help you to contact the transporter that we currently operate with. Please note that payment for a dog/puppy as well as reservation deposits are non-refundable. 

If you are from Europe and UK we highly recommend to pay via online service PaySend.

If you are from US or other countries the preferred way of payment is wire transfer to our bank account in USD, EUR, GBP for your convenience. Please contact us for bank account credentials.  

We can also accept bank cards payments by ApplePay, SamsungPay. If you’d like pay this way we forward you link to secure website for payment via bank cards as soon as we will agreed about cost of the puppy.

We do not provide selling contract but anyway we provide health guarantees that we described before.
As well we can supply you with printable Invoice upon request.

Your payment is absolutely secure since payment will be proceeded on secure server of our acquiring bank. Please note that bank do not keep any data of payer since do not provide recurring charges. So it’s one time secure transaction.

No. Cost of delivery depends on the destination address (airport) and should be paid directly to the account of transporter. If shipping is by car to Europe and UK usually cost of shipping can be paid directly to transporter in cash upon delivery.

We accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP and Russian rubles.

 Yes we shipping dogs with full set of export-import paperwork that meets the requirements of your country.

Yes we can do such test as well as more comlicated tests upon request. The cost of such service is negotiable. Usually it costs couple hundreds USD.

When dog arrives to US/Canada by air via cargo you must take care about broker and pay customs clearance. Usually it cost around 200 USD. In cases for Europe and UK cost of delivery by car means includes customs clearance expenses in cost of delivery.
Other countries have their own specific. We can discuss this matter for your convience in advance.

Puppy comes with export-import veterinary paperwork that meets the requiments of your country. Pedigree will be mailed separately by first class mail.

The form of export pedigree demands containing details of the owner of the dog. So I should know all details for all owners of puppies at the moment of applying for pedigrees for whole litter (since our club rules demands that we can apply for whole litter at once). Sometimes I waitng fo details for last puppy sold from litter later than other for couple months. That is why getting export pedigrees usually takes couple months.

If you will buy puppy with full breeding rights you should not pay for pedigree. We will mail your pedigree by regular first class mail for free and in most cases we provide you with tracking number.

Yes we can mail you by DHL/Fedex if you will cover these expenses.

Yes usually we sell with full breeding rights that means that puppy supplied by export FCI pedigree and can be registered with your country dog club (AKC, CKC..)

Sometimes we sell dogs without breeding rights. We provide such dogs with pedigree as well. The only thing you can’t register progeny with your club with such pedigree. Usually no breeding rights dogs cost couple hundreds less vs full breeding rights.

Yes, we usually keep some prospective puppies to sell them older about the age of 12+ months. We consider that this approach is profitable and good for our promotion as a kennel. We can do hips/elbows certification and genetic tests upon request. Cost of such dogs is a subject of negotiations. Sometimes these dogs are not advertised on our website so if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this matter.

Yes, from time to time we sell mated females. Their cost is subject of negotiations. If you interested please contact us to discuss this matter.

Our veterinary clinic currently works to arrange this facility. If you are interested please drop us a message.  

We definitely work on training the dogs that live in our kennel, but we do not offer such services for sale.